Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A. D. Hicks Letter, Johnson’s Island (Confed.)

Military History: Lieutenant 20th N.C. Infantry. Wounded at Chancellorsville May 1863. Captured at Gettysburg, July 1st 1863. Imprisoned at Johnson’s Island until March, 1865.

Letter Content: Mostly religious. Mentions soldiers have lectures on the Bible and prayer every night. Mentions that “all the surgeons have been sent south” Letter paper embossed “Carsons.”

Letter Cover: Contains both Sandusky, OH and Richmond, VA stamps as well as bulls eye stamp and “due 10” stamp to show that 10 cents was due upon delivery. Letter examined and stamped by examiner G.A.R. Marked “For Flag of Truce.”  

The Letter Reads:

Johnson’s Island
Sandusky City
Nov. 26th 1863

My Dear Ma,
I know you will be rejoiced to hear that I have embraced the religion of Jesus Christ. For three months I have been convicted of my exceeding sinfulness. I found no relief until a few evenings since. I am surprised to see what a course I have been pursuing since the war began. With God’s help I will live a new man. Ma you don’t know how anxious I am to tell you what a precious Savior I have found. I almost despaired of ever finding relief, but believing those who mourn will be comforted: I made new resolves until the Holy Spirit proclaimed peace sweet peace. There is considerable interest manifested in religious affairs. May the good work continue. We have a lecture on the Bible and a prayer every night. Capt Wright pleased us with a visit to this place about two weeks since. Like the rest he is anxious to return. All are well. Heard from Dr. Hicks a few days ago. All the surgeons have been sent south from this place. I guess he is in Dixie by this time. I have had only one letter from home. It is strange we don’t hear oftener. Joe received one a few days ago dated Nov. 14th. Pray for your affectionate.

Son,  A. D. Hicks

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  1. Great letter, I look forward to seeing more.